Michael Delichatsios

Michael A. Delichatsios

Fire Science, Combustion, Material Flammability, Fire Safety, Risk Analysis.

School of Built Environment, FireSERT, University of Ulster, BT37 0QB Northern Ireland
  • 2024 Affiliations
  • Professor, Senior Distinguished Research Fellow
  • Ulster University, Fires and Material Flammability, Associate
  • Howard Emmons award IAFSS
  • Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury, NZ
  • Northeastern University, USA (Visiting professor)
  • TUS, Japan (Visiting professor)
  • SKLFS, China (Visiting professor)

"Michael Delichatsios is recognized for unique contributions in all areas of fire research: pyrolysis, ignition, soot, radiation, spread, turbulence, pool, wind, enclosure, facade fires."


"The Greek Professor Who Knows How To Put Out Fires"

Interview with Michael Delichatsios about forest fires in Greece, Proto Thema Newspaper, 2021 (in Greek).

"People who wish to analyze nature without using mathematics must settle for a reduced understanding."
- Richard Feynman


Prizes, Visiting Professorships, Committees.
  1. Gordon Moore Foundation Grantee
  2. Leverhulme Emeritus Scholarship
  3. Combustion Institute Fellow
  4. Adjunct Professor, University of Canterbury, NZ , Fire Research, 2019-
  5. Erskine Fellowship at the Canterbury University, NZ, 2018-2019
  6. Howard Emmons award 11 IAFSS (International Association Fire Safety Science) Symposium, February 2014
  7. Senior Distinguished Research Fellow, University of Ulster, December 2013
  8. Invited lecture for Fire Education in Asia, Japan 2013
  9. Invited lecture and award for career achievements in Modeling Fires by the Spanish fire research organization GIDAI, 2012
  10. Co-chairman of the Fire Colloquium of the 33rd Combustion Institute Symposium in Beijing China, 2010
  11. Visiting Professor at USTC China, 2010-
  12. Best paper by my student at the IAFSS conference in Karlsruhe Germany, 2009
  13. Reviewer in several journals and international conferences - continuous
  14. Advisory Board of the Journal of Fire Safety Science and Technology, 2004-
  15. Visiting Professor at the COE in Fire at the Tokyo University of Science, 2003 –
  16. Co-joint Professor at the University of Newcastle Australia, 2001-
  17. Paper chairman and Editor for the Fifth Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology, 2001
  18. Chairman of WG8 in ISOTC92 fire safety committee, 2000-2005
  19. Visiting Professor at BRI (Building Research Institute) Japan, 1990, 1993, 2001-
  20. Best paper in The Australian Combustion Institute meeting in Newcastle Australia, 1999
  21. Paper chairman for USA for the Fourth IAFSS meeting, 1995
  22. Visiting Professor at the University of Poitiers, 1992
  23. Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Athens, 1991
  24. Recipient of the first medal of mathematical society of Greece, 1962
  25. Highest mark (57/60) in the entrance examination for the University System in Greece, 1962
  26. Member of CI (Combustion Institute), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) USA, IAFSS (International Association of Fire Safety Science), SFPE (Society of Fire Protection Engineers) USA, AOFST ( Asian Oceania Association for Fire Safety and Technology), Society for Fire Safety (SFS) Australia

Brief Outline of Career History

Selected Grants after 2003

Total for FireSERT: £7 million, Personal research: £2,500,000 and R&D £150,000.

Major publications up to 2019

All publications can be found on Google Scholar .

Proceedings of The Combustion Institute: publications

  1. YP Lee, MA Delichatsios, GWH Silcock Heat fluxes and flame heights in facades from fires in enclosures of varying geometry, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 31 (2), 2521-2528, 2007
  2. RA Altenkirch, L Tang, K Sacksteder, S Bhattacharjee, MA Delichatsios, Inherently unsteady flame spread to extinction over thick fuels in microgravity, Symposium (International) on Combustion 27 (2), 2515-2524, 1998
  3. MA Delichatsios, RA Altenkirch, MF Bundy, S Bhattacharjee, L Tang ,Creeping flame spread along fuel cylinders in forced and natural flows and microgravity, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 28 (2), 2835-2842, 2000
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Combustion and Flame: publications

  1. MA Delichatsios, Transition from momentum to buoyancy-controlled turbulent jet diffusion flames and flame height relationships, Combustion and Flame 92 (4), 349-364, 1993
  2. MA Delichatsios, Air entrainment into buoyant jet flames and pool fires ,Combustion and Flame 70 (1), 33-46, 1987
  3. MA Delichatsios, TH Panagiotou, F Kiley,The use of time to ignition data for characterizing the thermal inertia and the minimum (critical) heat flux for ignition or pyrolysis, Combustion and Flame 84 (3-4), 323-332, 1991
  4. L Hu, K Lu, M Delichatsios, L He, F Tang, An experimental investigation and statistical characterization of intermittent flame ejecting behavior of enclosure fires with an opening, Combustion and Flame 159 (3), 1178-1184, 2012
  5. MA Delichatsios, Y Chen , Asymptotic, approximate, and numerical solutions for the heatup and pyrolysis of materials including reradiation losses, Combustion and Flame 92 (3), 292-307, 1993
  6. T Beji, JP Zhang, W Yao, M Delichatsios ,A novel soot model for fires: validation in a laminar non-premixed flame, Combustion and Flame 158 (2), 281-290, 2011
  7. MA Delichatsios ,Relation of opposed flow (creeping) flame spread with extinction/ignition, Combustion and flame 135 (4), 441-447, 2003
  8. R Khatami, YA Levendis, MA Delichatsios, Soot loading, temperature and size of single coal particle envelope flames in conventional-and oxy-combustion conditions (O2/N2 and O2/CO2), Combustion and Flame 162 (6), 2508-2517, 2015
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  12. F Nmira, JL Consalvi, MA Delichatsios, Radiant fraction from sooting jet fires , Combustion and Flame 208, 51-62, 2019
  13. Q Wang, L Hu, SH Yoon, S Lu, M Delichatsios, SH Chung, Blow-out limits of nonpremixed turbulent jet flames in a cross flow at atmospheric and sub-atmospheric pressures, Combustion and Flame 162 (10), 3562-3568, 2015

Other Journals

  1. CST: 15
  2. IAFSS :33
  3. Fuel: 4
  4. Fire Safety Journal: 28
  5. International Heat and Mass Transfer: 4
  6. Fire Materials and other: 15

International Symposia on Combustion and other meetings


  1. “Method of Apparatus for Continuous Flow Flocculation and Clarification” U.S. Patent Application, Serial No. 446.666. Filed February 28, 1979 (with R.F. Probstein).
  2. “An Industrial Gas Burner with Enhanced Radiant Output” Patent Disclosure, January 1988, US Patent 5248252 1993 (with J. deRis and G.H. Markstein).

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